Infrared Electrical Inspections with Ultrasound

Take advantage of Armco’s network of experienced, “insurance-friendly” and arc-flash compliant thermographers, state-of-the-art Infrared and ultrasound capability and see increased plant up-time, a safer workplace, decreased maintenance costs with fewer unnecessary repairs, and a better relationship with your commercial insurance carrier.

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Electrical Switchgear Surveys with Infrared Imaging

In the Electrical and Mechanical world, almost everything heats before it fails. This is why Infrared Thermography in the hands of a Qualified and Knowledgeable surveyor is the single most time an cost effective discovery tool for the assessment of electrical system health and fire prevention.

All electrical surveys are performed by an experienced Level 3 Certified Thermographer and NC licensed electrical engineer.


Electrical Switchgear Surveys with Ultrasound Detection

Noise produced by electrical emissions, deterioration of rotating mechanical equipment and most leakage problems contains a broad range of frequencies including the ultrasonic. This ultrasonic noise is shorter in wave length and more directional in nature and is therefore significantly easier to distinguish from other background noise and then be precisely identified and located.

We utilize Ultrasound or ultrasonic detection to facilitate electrical inspections of both low voltage (Tracking and Arcing at 480-1kv) and high voltage (Corona Discharge at 1kv and up) equipment without opening the equipment enclosure.


Arc Flash Considerations and Electrical Safety

Many facilities have not had the (expensive) arc-flash studies completed that would provide specifications for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and equipment approach boundaries. Worse, many plant personnel are unaware of or minimize the danger presented by live 480 volt switchgear.


Custom Infrared Inspection Windows by IRISS

IRISS, Inc manufactures the only re-enforced and impact tested, industrial-grade, InfraRed (IR) windows in the business. We believe that they are also the best in the business. IRISS windows are currently installed in OEM switchgear by ABB and others.

Additional Benefits of Infrared and Ultrasound Inspection Window Installation:

Safety: The risk of shock, shock related injury or electrocution is virtually eliminated for both Infrared and Ultrasound inspections.

Safety: The risk of arc-flash injury is reduced substantially and the need for PPE is reduced to that required for a closed cabinet or unexposed live components – Category 0 –

Improved Preventive Maintenance and Plant Operating Cost: IR windows and Ultrasound access ports facilitate a systematic approach to data collection: Same target, Same location, Same angle, Same distance and Same timing of inspection. Consistency in data collection leads to improved diagnostics, reduced unscheduled downtime and improved on-time product delivery.

Equipment Inspection Efficiency: The use of infrared windows has been shown to eliminate the majority of the time involved with inspections (opening panels, obtaining permits and time required for the use of PPE).

Compliance: OSHA and NFPA guideline and mandate compliance per the NFPA 70B and 70E is facilitated