Infrared Air Leakage & Energy Loss Inspections..

Refrigerated warehouses, Commercial buildings & Residential homes

We locate the reasons for your cold or drafty rooms, high power bills, musty smells or mildew and, with you, create custom, prioritized and specific plans for action. Our surveys and inspections are completely independent of any product sales and have only your satisfaction as a goal.


Energy Leakage Through Compromised Insulation

We locate areas of compromised insulating capacity resulting from missing, damaged or improperly installed Insulation. The entire building or residence is surveyed including ceilings, walls, attics and floors and help you make decisions regarding prioritized repairs. Our surveys are conducted utilizing state of the art Thermal Imaging equipment and an engineering state of mind.


Building Envelope Air Leakage

We locate areas of excessive and unintended air leakage through the building or home exterior envelope. We find that air leakage occurs at points of plumbing penetration, poor window and door frame sealing, defective or damaged window sash and door weather-strip, crawlspace and attic access, poorly sealed receptacles, ceiling fixtures and wall switches as well as defective ventilation fans and HVAC ductwork.


HVAC Duct Leakage

We locate HVAC duct and system air leakage from disconnected, poorly sealed or damaged ductwork and furnace, air conditioner or blower enclosures in the house, the crawlspace and attic. Additional Leakage through the building exterior walls, ceilings and floors can be amplified due to imbalances in the system airflow. Our inspection/survey will usually uncover these imbalances as a part of the process.